Tripod & Smartphone Holder


Tripod & Smartphone Holder

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Solid Tripod + Smartphone Holder, transforms your smartphone into a real stargazer.
Enables to record video, take beautiful images and observe wildlife and other things from a far.

Happy Customers!

"100% waterproof and robust as a rock grace to titanium alloy! Love that little thing."

Jack Mei - IT developer.

I've spent a lot on telescopes and unfortunately, most of them were too big and clumsy for traveling. This one checks all the boxes with stellar sharpness and compact size. Perfect for me!!!

Lacey P. - Outdoor enthusiast.

I seriously can't believe how well this little telescope works. I mean it's the size of my palm and you literally can see miles and miles away. I can definitely recommend this one, you wont regret it!

Steve Winter - Wildlife Photographer.